Weekly Awakened Method Classes

The Movement Studio holds space for somatic experiencing the essential and ecological self through

Awakened Method Classes. You will explore a deeper level on imprinting that has caused fragmentations and dysregulations in life's patters through, Meditation, Outdoor Wilderness Mediation,

Somatic Movement Exploration, and Pre/Postnatal Movement.

Our Classes

Evolving the Authentic Self

Awakened Meditation

The Awakened Method Meditation brings recognition that Gia's (Mother Earth) power and energy is rising within us as we strive, as a species, to rekindle our relationship with her and bring ourselves back into balance and sustainability with her biosphere.

Cultivate your ecological selves with connecting practices to the earth, exploration, somatic practices, breath-work and meditation that opens our bodies to feeling oneness with all creation. This brings a life full of purpose, direction, and experience.

Awakened Somatic Dance

Somatic Dance is an organic approach to body movement, guiding toward a deeper felt experience of self.

This approach blends exploration with reflection and free-form dance, tapping into the world of dance as a language and opening up to its power of communication through movement in which body and mind are integrated and able to inspire one another in action.

The practice unfolds with different configurations each session, providing a learning process from doing and watching. We move the 7 principles of the Awakened Method.

Wilderness Meditation

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Awakened Prenatal Movement

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Awakened Postnatal & Baby 

Movement & Infant Education

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Awakened Movement, Music & Toddler Development Education

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Awakened Parents Group 

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Awakened New Parent Group

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Awakened Co-Op Parent Education Program

Our parent education progam offers the perfect learning environment for parent & child aged 2.5 to 5 years old. Our goal is to allow the children to feel safe to explore the essence of who they are, as this gives them the ability to build cooperative relationships, and brings true health. The focus of our program is parent education that uses the Awakened Method. The method is grounded in mindfulness, conscious, and ecological living principles that bring wholeness for the child, parent, and community.

Becoming Part of the Awakened Parent Community

Please enroll early to hold your spot for 2019-2020 Exploration Year!

Our Program runs Monday, Wednesday & Friday

1 or 2 Day Program

Fall Module Sept 9-Nov 15 (10 Week Session)

1 Day-$425.00 2 Days-$600.00

Winter Module Dec 2-March 6 (12 Week)

Closed Dec 23-Jan 3

1 Day-$485.00 2 Day-$700.00

Spring Module March 16-May 29 (10 Week Session)

1 Day-$425.00 2 Day-$600.00

Sliding scale and payment options available.

We look forward to growing with you!

7 Week Series Classes

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Awakened Women Semi-Private

Ecofeminism/Culture Ecofeminism 

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7 Week Cycle


Winter/Spring Session

"Nature Ethics is a major contribution to ecofeminist philosophy, animal liberation, and environmental ethics."

— Carol J. Adams

author of The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory

Awakened Couples Semi-Private Class

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7 Week Cycle


Winter/Spring Session

Awakened Birth Semi-Private

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7 Week Cycle


Winter/Spring Session

Awakened Parent

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7 Week Cycle


Winter/Spring Session